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Communty Planning • Civic Engagement •Sustainable Design 

New Urban Water Works specializes in finding creative community planning solutions for coastal and water-based communities.  Whether for public sector agencies, private sector developers, or citizen groups incorporating best practices for environmental sustainability is a priority. It is no small challenge to make an urban form compatible with a functional nature. Seeking maximum stakeholder involvement and using a hands-on approach addressing design, policy and management solutions simultaneously New Urban Water Works strives for creating and implementing community-based realistic and buildable plans.  

Community Planning

Working on site with a diverse team is the best way to ensure a robust and innovative community-based plan. New Urban Water Works uses a collaborative approach engaging stakeholders and specialists during planning, design, and engineering to ensure that realistic, community-based plans are created maximizing placemaking and sustainable development opportunities.

Sustainable Design

Finding sustainable design solutions that enhance an area’s character and context is a primary goal of New Urban Water Works. Using the experience gained working with state and federal water-quality permitting and coastal zone management agencies, Rhodes brings a unique perspective to the practice of town planning.  Integrating sound stormwater best-management practices with good urban place-making is a tremendous opportunity for environmental stewardship.


Civic Engagement

With more than 50 charrettes completed around the world New Urban Water Works has been involved in many award winning projects.  Whether the project is large or small, by using the charrette method and the tools and strategies recommended by the National Charrette Institute, the goal is to develop a community-based plan that is realistic, cost-effective, and above all else, implementable.


Milt Rhodes, CNU AICP

North Carolina Office
2910 Barmettler Street
Raleigh, NC 27607

South Carolina Office
4921 Bluffton Parkway, #1114
Bluffton, SC 29910

phone - 919.522.0172

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